ADD-P90 is a derivative of a family of highly effective, low viscosity dispersing agents for a wide range of waterborne
coating systems. Especially suited for the dispersion of inorganic pigments.



ADD-P90 is an excellent dispersing agent delivering process efficiencies across a range of market applications:
 Paints
 Adhesives
 Ceramics
 Electronic ceramics

ADD-P90 can be used as supplied. The neutralizing alkali used in conjunction with the acrylic polymer can
significantly impact the properties of the final coating. ADD-P90 releases ammonia during the drying process and
therefore has little impact on water and alkaline resistance of the dry film. Use of ADD-P90 should be limited to
pH 5 -10.5 and temperatures lower than 70 oC due to potential loss of volatile ammonia.
It is recommended to add the pigment to water containing the dispersing agent with stirring as opposed to
addition of the dispersing agent to a pigment slurry. In general, the pH of the final preparation should be in the
region of 8.5 to obtain optimum dispersing efficiency.
Usage 0.5 – 2.0% ADD-P90 into the formulation (based on total pigment weight).

Storage, safety & handling

Although ADD-P90 is freeze stable, it is recommended to store the product at temperatures above 5 oC to enable
easy handling of the product. Avoid frost and freezing. Do not store in steel, copper or aluminum containers.
Thermal decomposition above 200ºC releases carbon dioxide. When kept in an original unopened container,
ADD-P90 will keep up to 2 years from the date of manufacture. Detailed information can be found in the Safety
Data Sheet.

Additional information


Water based applications


Acrylic emulsion, Acrylic water reducible, Alkyd emulsion, Alkyd water reducible


Cost effective, Improves gloss, Lower viscosity, Reduces dispersion time

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