ADD-additives are manufacturers of high quality additives for the specialty chemical industry, all our additives are produced in Europe and use only high grade European raw materials for the preparation.

ADD-additives offer an extensive range of additives; these include foam control additives, slip & leveling additives, high molecular weight additives, low molecular weight additives and modern low molecular weight additives.

Using only a small quantity of ADD additives in your formulations will immediately show outstanding benefits. To achieve the highest performance out of your formulation ADD additives are combined with other raw materials in your formulation this enables maximum pigment dispersion, elimination of foam, improve surface wetting, improved adhesion to the substrate, better stability and overall significant enhancements in colouristic and optical properties. To achieve the highest performance ADD-additives are combined with coating raw materials to enable optimum pigment dispersion, eliminate foam and many other characteristics that play an important role in achieving a high quality product.

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