Modern Low Molecular Weight Dispersants

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 Product nameDescription/ApplicationInorganicOrganic BentoniteActive contentSolvent borneWater borne
% dosage active material based on pigment/bentonite
 ADD-6211Acidic polyether, dispersant for solvent-based and solvent-free coatings and composite, is particularly suitable for car putties.0.5–2.0100
 ADD-6212Acidic polyether, dispersant for solvent-based and solvent-free coatings and composite.5–10100
ADD-6213Fatty acid dispersant for PVC plastisol’s, solvent based and solvent free coatings. Especially for neutral and acidic carbon black pigments.5–1010–3015–25100
 ADD-6215Anionic wetting agent to improve compatibility and colour acceptance of all kind of tinting pastes in both solvent as well water based systems, VOC Free.3–1010–2015–25100
 ADD-6220Hybrid dispersant to improve compatibility and color acceptance of universal colorants in base paints5–1010-2015-25100
 ADD-6225Hybrid dispersant  for universal colorants for tinting systems5–1010-2015-25100
ADD-6228Hybrid dispersant for oil and solvent-based systems and colorants. Also for heatset and offset inks5–1010-20100
 ADD-6230Alifhatic polyether with acidic groups1–3100
 ADD-6231Alifhatic polyether with acidic groups especially for PVC plastisol purposes1–3100
 ADD-6245Hybrid dispersant for universal colorants for tinting systems, VOCFREE and low viscosity pumpabable dispersant.5–1010–2015–25100
ADD-6250More hydrophobic version of ADD-62455–1010–2015–25100
 ADD-6525Hybrid dispersant stabilizes all kind of pigment and extenders in waterborne coatings, especially in decorative coatings10–2020-4050
ADD-6540Triple tail technology dispersant to improve stability of tinting pastes as well as dispersant for organic, inorganic and pearlescent pigments0.5–2.02.5-5.062
 ADD-6622Fatty acid modified polyester in di basic ester.7–1414-2870

Incorporation: In the mill base before adding the pigments